Zdenko Arsenijevic

When you look at a creation from the Vitae Vitrus Collection, you’re looking at more than just a magnificent piece of artistry. You’re looking at an energy interactive design that connects the very heart of your spiritual essence with the Universe and all of its wondrous manifestations of balance and harmony.

A Vitae Vitrus design represents the beauty and power of sacred geometry, an ancient science that is thought of as the language of creation. Sacred geometry looks at the energy patterns that create and unify all things, and sustains the philosophy that all known life forms are born out of ageless geometric patterns and codes – from the molecules of our DNA - to the symmetry of a single snow flake. On an ethereal level, these patterns and codes echo the workings of our very soul and open our consciousness to the intrinsic proportion, balance and harmony that exists in any situation.

Zdenko Arsenijevic, an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher and intuitive energy healer, uses his deep knowledge of this ancient science, combined with his abilities to channel the beneficial, life-affirming energy of universal processes and dynamic patterns through ageless, concrete designs that connect with and enrich your own personal energy structure.

Each piece of the Vitae Vitrus is assigned a distinctive name that represents the particular set of qualities and circumstances that its vibrations nurture and empower. You’ll find that we have a notable variety of beautifully rendered designs to suit many tastes and temperaments. To find your perfect creation, we invite you to take a leisurely journey through the store and wish you blessings of peace and joy as you discover the wondrous beauty and power of our energy interactive jewelry.