Zdenko Arsenijevic

At the heart of the Center is the Institute of Consciousness Development, Zdenko's 4-year program for Self-Realization. Based on his own experience and more than 35 years of working with people, this intensive program is unlike any other. This course of study combines theoretical work and practical techniques for self-discovery, personal transformation and Self-Realization. 

The entire curriculum follows Zdenko's life philosophy, "Spirituality must come into everyday life. We do not need to live trying to be happy, free and Self-Realized.  Life exists exactly for that purpose and for the opportunity to find and connect with all the qualities inside us." 
A special quality of this curriculum is that it is designed for busy people who don't have enough time for anything more in their lives. 90% of the practice learned is integrated into everyday routine. Students don't need to change what he or she is doing, but they will change the way they are doing it. 

All techniques are safe and based on Zdenko's own practice and experience through his personal work with himself.

Classes meet 6 times a year for 5-day periods.  Students come from all  over the world, and for those who cannot attend in person, Skype attendance is available.

For school information and registration, contact Donna LeRoy at 888-222-4507. 

Fee: $7,875 per year. Several payment plans are available for student convenience.