Zdenko Arsenijevic


Services Offered



Initial Energy Interpretation

Zdenko Arsenijevic will meet with you online or in person and provide an indepth energy interpretation of your unique energy structure. He will discuss any imbalance(s) he may find in your energy structure and aura, the cause and its significance to your physical, emotional, mental wellbeing.

Fee: $250 per hour, $125 per half-hour. Initial fee will apply toward your first Energy Guidance Series.


"The secret to good health, happiness and joy is understanding the relationship between personal spirit, consciousness, energy and universal law." -  Zdenko Arsenijevic


Zdenko will assist and guide energy to promote auto-healing and your energy balance. The Arsenijevic System is an energy healing system focused on awakening the body's ability to heal itself. In this system Zdenko will work with you for 10 days (in person or by phone), followed by 10 days of auto-healing, a form of meditation that Zdenko will give you which will be in function to awaken the body's abilities to heal itself and support the work Zdenko did in the previous 10 days.

Fee: First Series of 10 days" healing with Zdenko is $950. Additional Series if needed for your condition, are available at the reduced rates of $800.



Astrological Chart Interpretation

Zdenko has practiced and studied the science of Astrology for more than 35 years. He will personally prepare your natal chart and record the interpretation and detailed explanation of the astrological influence on your personal structure, character, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Your evolution moment and relationship with your past, present and future will also be analyzed. You are welcome to ask specific questions regarding your chart. This chart reading can be done in person of via Skype.

Natal Chart - A chart erected at the exact date, time, and place of birth. Also called a radical chart, radix chart, horoscope, or birth chart.

Fee: $575 (includes making chart and interpretation)

If you don't know your specific birth time, he will calculate it for you based on the dates and times of important life events, such as graduation, marriage, birth of children, etc. There is an additional fee of $75 for this service.

Solar Chart - A chart used to forecast a solar year, from one birthday to the next, in relationship with your natal chart. Natal chart is required.

Fee: $425 

Past Life Regression

Zdenko's technique for Past Life Regression is unique from the point of view that you are not hypnotized. You are always awake and when the regression is finished, you will retain all memories of the past life regression experience.

From Zdenko's understanding that time is never-ending, you will be able to explore and understand the meaning and influence of past life memories to your present moment and the influences on future incarnations.

Fee: $495


Liberty Series I & II

The Liberty Series is a system that Zdenko developed over the last 15 years working with people.

The Liberty Series is in two parts separated by four weeks. Liberty Series I workshop is focused to help you understand yourself and your self-sabotaging and self-punishing behavior The workshop gives you clear understanding that you are always the creator and in charge of your life. When your life doesn't go as you like, you are still the creator, you are still in charge.

The Liberty Series II workshop gives you all guidance for what you need to do to stop sabotaging yourself, your life and take full leadership on any level of your existence.

Each workshop is held over one weekend: Saturday and Sunday - 11 am-- 6 pm.

Fee: $395 for each workshop.

The Influences of Past Lives on your Current Incarnation

The story of Past Lives: Learn and find the understanding of how your past lives sculpted your presentincarnation. You will learn what you need to focus on to move forward with your life.

Held over a weekend: Saturday and Sunday from 11 am -- 6 pm.

Fee: $395